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The best ways to sabotage your business in 2023.

Interested in stalling your growth and wasting your limited resources? Here are the top 3 ways you can obstruct marketing efforts and give your competitors the upper hand.

1. Decide gathering data can wait.

Marketing is one part art, one part science, and two parts consistency. Without data, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to make strategic choices or commit to one path. The result is thousands of wasted dollars, feeling overwhelmed by the process, and a negative experience that frames your view of marketers.

3 simple steps you can do right now to collect amazing FREE data:

  1. Set up Google Analytics to track data and build website insights
    B. Set up Google Search Console to track and build organic traffic insights.
    C. Set up Google Business Profile to see how users interact with your local listing and boost your lead generation efforts.


2. Lose track of your logins.

It is utterly critical that you keep track of ALL login credentials. This means you need access to all current and previous website and hosting dashboards plus all past email accounts.

*Yes. All of them. Every. Single. One.

3 simple tips for securing digital credentials.

  1. Use password management software like 1password or NordPass. (Not sponsors.)
    B. Use your browser’s free password manager.
    C. Set up a security encrypted document or file on your computer.

*Something to consider: If life throws a sucker punch, who else can access this data? Don’t rely on memory in times of crisis. Trust me!


3. Let inexperienced people build websites because you underestimate what it takes to create a competitive digital presence.

No, the graphic design student with one semester of coding is not a website designer.

No, your neighbor’s 30-year-old son that can’t do his own laundry but loves gaming is not a web developer.

No, the woman who promised a professional site for $50 is not giving you an amazing deal.

No, your CFO is not qualified to make marketing decisions just because they make financial decisions.

Yes, something is often better than nothing. But no serious business owner should expect to grow without a functionally healthy, visually interesting website full of valuable content.

3 simple tips for building a good-enough website as a temporary solution.

  1. Use an all-in-one platform to keep the process simple.
    B. Separate yourself from your own industry knowledge before writing content. Think like a client with zero familiarity with the problem you solve or the solutions you offer.
    C. After 3 months with your site, use the data you collected to find weak points. After you make changes, wait another 3 months before making more changes.

Whether 2023 is a season of growth or time to reserve your resources, here are the top 3 take-aways:

1.Create a solid data foundation

  1. Plan for human imperfections
  2. Know that good enough is good enough, until it isn’t.

-Sheri Walsh

Owner of HIVEMINDED Marketing.

Hiveminded Marketing

(417) 221-4300

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