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Why is Gridliance so Important to Nixa?
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GridLiance High Plains (GridLiance) is an independent electric transmission company that partners with
municipal utilities, electric cooperatives, renewable energy developers and others to invest in the future
of the transmission grid.
In April 2018, GridLiance entered into an innovative collaboration with the City of Nixa, Missouri, to
acquire the city’s electric transmission assets. The city selected GridLiance as its partner to ensure that
Nixa customers enjoy reliable transmission service and comparable rates to other customers in the
region while also protecting local jobs. GridLiance retained Nixa Utilities employees to perform
operations and maintenance services for the transmission assets that were acquired. GridLiance’s
investment in the electric transmission system also freed up capital for the city to meet other needs and
improve the electric distribution system in the city. GridLiance also assumed the increasing regulatory
and capital improvement burdens associated with this critical infrastructure.
The partnership has already resulted in improved reliability for Nixa Utilities customers. In 2019,
GridLiance upgraded the electric transmission system in downtown Nixa to increase the reliability of the
electric grid in the region and relocated electric transmission poles to accommodate the expansion of
Highway 14 that runs through the municipality. These improvements make the Nixa electric
transmission system more reliable and reduces the likelihood of long-term power outages.
GridLiance also works to have a positive impact on the communities we serve, including Nixa. We are
proud sponsors of the annual Sucker Days festival and are a proud member of the Chamber of
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