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Main Goal:
Continue to be the #1 Resource for the Business Community

  1. Development-Continue to develop our local business and organizations through training, motivation, goal setting, coaching and consulting through virtual resources.
  2. Networking-Create online networking opportunities and develop tips and strategies to help businesses navigate the virtual world.
  3. Awareness-Bring awareness to our community, organizations and businesses about our Nixa Businesses and Organizations and what the are doing to move forward.


1. Host online 30-minute development interviews with successful leaders, businesses or speakers to help our community to stay focused.
2. Host a weekly one-hour group mastermind on Wednesdays at 9am to allow our community to hear the latest information on resources available to them.
3. Host online classes showcasing the available tools to help business succeed online. 
4. Offer one-on-one consulting to our members helping to ensure their online presence is maximized.
5. Way to keep momentum once the environment begins to improve.  



1. Host online Nixa Young Professional Mixers talking about hot topics, strategies and growth opportunities.
2. Host online virtual, online networking strategies and find out what others are doing to succeed.
3. Turn the Nixa Chamber Luncheon into an online Nixa Chamber Show following a talk show format.  
4. Host a Working Women in Nixa online event(s). 
5. Create a “Virtual NIXPO” showcasing those booths that would have been in our NIXPO that was postponed.  



1. Host online meetings with local organizations discussing available resources for parents and the community.
2.  Offer businesses Virtual Ribbon Cuttings showcasing their businesses or organizations.  
3. Add additional information to our weekly emails regarding showtimes and resources, and create new pages on our website with information.  
4. Chamber to have weekly calls with local community leaders to stay on top of current situation.
5. Create an online resource for the community learning valuable information relating to dining and shopping.   


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