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“Welcome to Downtown Nixa” Mural Opportunity




Nixa Arts Council (NAC), a sub-committee of the Nixa Area Chamber of Commerce, supports visual and performing art initiatives designed to engage, excite, and unite the community.



The Nixa Arts Council (NAC) is dedicated to fostering community collaborations and partnerships.  The partnership between Nixa Arts Council and Nixa Downtown Revitalization Committee (NDRC) was forged to create a cultural hub and catalyst for future development of our Downtown Area.  We have begun a public mural project as a way of demonstrating our commitment to urban renewal and growth in our community.

The NAC is pleased to release a call to artists for its “Welcome to Downtown Nixa” Mural opportunity.  The NAC is seeking Statements of Qualification and Proposals/Applications from artists or a team of artists interested in creating this two-dimensional mural.

The Mural should be inspired by NAC & NDRC vision:  NAC & NDRC is at the forefront of thoughtful cultural preservation, art education and empowerment of our youth, and should showcase the promise of what the future holds.

The Mural must include the NDRC logo as focus subject.

The artwork must be suitable for viewing of all ages and will be reviewed by NAC and NDRC prior to selection.

Mural will be exhibited on the north facing side of the building located at 101 S. Main Street to the west of the intersection of Hwy 14 and Main Street.

SIZE: 8' x 12' consisting of 3 8'x4' Canvases.

Images, specifications, and dimensions of the surface intended for Mural application, will be provided to the artist prior to design proposal.

Once approval of an Artist Application is received, the Artist is responsible for procuring all necessary materials and equipment needed to complete the entire project.  All materials and paint supplies used must be of the highest quality and for exterior applications only.  Upon completion of this project Artist will be paid via itemized invoice, to the NAC.  All appropriate tax documents, such as W-9, are required at time of invoice submission.


The following guidelines must be adhered to in all applications:

  • The artwork included on the application must be presented to NAC and NDRC as conceptual design drawing and must closely resemble the art to be painted on the canvas.
  • Work must be executed and completed in a three (3) month period, upon receiving approval from NAC, and in a professional manner.
  • Artists must maintain an effective working relationship with the NAC project team. Artists must advise the NAC project team of any significant changes to the scope and/or design or materials to be used once approval has been given.
  • Mural will have the NAC logo, placement will be determined by the NAC representative and artist.
  • Images of selected artwork will be used for NAC marketing and publicity campaigns, at that time, appropriate credit will be given to the artist.
  • Artists (or preselected representatives thereof) must be present during a public unveiling event to be scheduled and hosted by NAC.
  • The artwork must be an original product of the artist’s own creative efforts and must not infringe on any third party’s copyrights or other intellectual property rights.
  • Artist retains all rights and interest in artwork during exhibition of murals, under the Copyright Act of 1976, with the exception of, rights of ownership  and possession, as passed to NAC and NDRC upon final acceptance.  The artist, however, agrees not to create an exact duplicate of the work or permit others to do so, except by written permission of NAC and NDRC.




The “Welcome to Downtown Nixa” Mural Opportunity is open to all artists.  Artists must agree to become a member of the NAC.

Interested artists must submit a Statement of Qualification and Application/Proposal.  Submissions will be reviewed by the NAC and NDRC, using the criteria as follows:  evaluation of artistic excellence and originality, creative and innovative concepts relating to the space, and appropriate regard for the audience and location.

Submit to Nixa Area Chamber of Commerce, 106 W. Sherman Way, Suite 6, Nixa MO 65714 or email to, in care of: NIXA ARTS COUNCIL. Application Deadline 12/31/2021

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