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Economic Impacts of Covid-19 Good or Bad for Nixa or Ozark? How does it affect your Chamber?

As our communities all prepare to hopefully go back to school, I noticed one thing recently on a recent shopping trip with my teenage daughter to buy some new shoes, people are spending money like crazy.  Due to my daughters specfic choices in shoes, we were forced to shop outside of Nixa so Springfield was our destination.  I honeslty could not help but notice the number of shoppers, people dining, people standing in exceptionally long lines to get the shoe deal and more (and wearing masks of course).  One store was so busy, the line to check out was at least an hour so we walked in and walked out.  Seeing this prompted me to do some more investigating into the current sales tax situation at least for Nixa and Ozark and how are we have been doing these past few months.

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The most recent data I have are from the July reports for both Nixa and Ozark and first let me express one thing first, sales tax dollars are up for both communities and in a big way.  Year to date, Nixa is up nearly 8% or est. $123,000 vs Ozark at 6% or est. $107,000 vs this time last year.  As a matter of fact, this entire year has seen steady increases month over month for the most part.  One major factor has been both Nixa and Ozark are primarily essential type businesses.  Food, hardware, service industries, auto, and more.  Ozark would probably have had an even bigger increase if the movie theater were not shut down.  In the end, we are not full of huge entertainment or non-essential businesses.  This is another reason why when you run a business correctly in our communities, you have a good product or service you have a good chance to not only survive but thrive.  Even further proof why Nixa and Ozark are great locations to have a good business.

One could argue it is because everyone has had to stay or work from home.  I don’t disagree with that statement.  In the end though, we have people spending more money than ever in our communities.  I am also extremely sensitive to the economic impact this pandemic has had on some businesses and employees as well.  Honestly, your chamber is one of them.

We are working on a plan to keep moving forward so we can continue to serve, support and fight for our businesses and organizations.  However, after cancelling so many events this year, moving sponsorship dollars to next year, not gaining additional income that comes from those events, new membership slow downs and more.  It is taking a toll on our budget.  We will survive; your chamber is still going strong with events, activities, training, virtual events and more.  We are still training businesses, performing coaching sessions, networking activities, and so much more.  Your executive team could make an argument we are working harder now than ever.  However, we still need and appreciate your financial support now more than ever.

Please, if you have not renewed yet, please do so, if you would like to re-join, we would love to welcome you back, if you know of a business that would benefit from joining our chamber, let us know.  We appreciate all your help and all those who are already supporting your chamber.  We are very grateful.

Final Thought: People are spending money out there in our communities, it is your job to go get your unfair share.  If we can help support you, THAT is what we are here for.  Stay strong Nixa!

Chris Russell
Nixa Chamber of Commerce

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