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Chris Russell President/CEO Nixa Chamber of Commerce

Who is Winning in Total Assessed Values-Nixa or Ozark?

The answer is simply, BOTH!

During the February Chamber Luncheon or as I like to call it, the Nixa Chamber Show, we took a brief look at comparing Nixa and Ozark through some stats on assessed values.  We also explored some numbers based on available lots in our area and had a great panel of experts talking about the housing industry as a whole and explored future developments which we will discuss in the March Business News.

Taking a deeper look at some of the data provided by Danny Gray the Christian County Assessor and comparing Nixa R2 School District to Ozark R6 School District (which includes the incorporated city of Fremont Hills having an assessed value of its own at $23.4M), we begin to see a very tight comparisons with both communities have strengths and opportunities. This report does not count physical structures, we’re just comparing assessed values for 2019.  Something also to consider, locations like Least of These, James River Church and other non-profits sometimes have exemptions however are vital to our local economy.

Comparing the Numbers

Nixa R2 area has a total assessed value of $407M and Ozark R6 is very close at $405.6M.  Nixa’s residential is $324.6M to Ozark's $319.2M.  This doesn’t mean Nixa has more homes, it means we have a higher assessed value.  Nixa new residential construction has been strong for several years in a row and leads the region consistently, however Ozark numbers are on the rise too which is good for Christian County.  Commercial is another story, Ozark R2 leads the charge with $84.7M to Nixa’s $81.4M.

City limits to city limits, Nixa’s assessed value is $266.1M to Ozark's $243M.  Residential values, Nixa has $213.1M to Ozark's $167.7M (Fremont Hills is a big factor in the difference).  Ozark makes a huge jump back up in the commercial values leading with $75.1M to Nixa’s $52.9M as they should.  Highway 65 has always provided Ozark more opportunities for commercial growth and they have done well doing so.  Also, with the available land and prices a bit less expensive, Ozark R6 saw $2.1M in increased commercial assessed values last year compared to Nixa R2 increased $743k.  Residential new construction was opposite, Nixa increased $16.4M to Ozarks $9.3M.


As you can see, BOTH communities win.  Nixa does need more commercial growth and we hope to see that in the future with the development of the Cox Hospital facility and the additional growth that should spawn and we have several new developments in the pipeline and houses are still going up every day in Nixa.  Ozark needs more residential growth and they are rapidly growing in this category too.  Highway 65 and CC is spreading, and homes are increasing just southwest of that intersection. Part of the commercial growth is also due to Nixa’s growth east, northeast and southeast which we will discuss next month.  The census in 2020 will provide us with more relevant data soon which is why it is VITAL we get everyone counted in our cities and country areas.

As a fun fact, the total assessed value for Christian County is a $1.037B, now I am guessing this is the first year we ever hit the $1B mark.  I forgot to ask Danny that question, looks like it gives me a reason to go see him again and see what else I can find out about for our communities.

Chris Russell

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